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Not only books

Its a commitment to live as real human beings
Not only books

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Journey that began with

21 years ago some people felt the need for providing books that give a vision to people's dreams and imaginations at the door step of common man. The journey that started by contacting people at home, offices, colleges has now turned into a people's movement. To accomplish the task of providing progressive literature to people with the help of people, today Janchetna activists are moving with books on cycles, trolleys, bags in different cities of North India, organising book exhibitions, providing books in small towns and cities. Now Janchetna is reaching even at the remote places of North India with its mobile exhibition van with the help of common people and well wishers. We are spreading dreams and ideas for better life, creativity and development to every home. It is a novel endeavour in the hindi belt. This project is growing and developing without any salaried staff but with the help of dedicated voluteers, activists of associated institutions only. Janchetna is the chief distributor of book published by Parikalpana Publication, Rahul Foundation, Anurag Trust, Shahid Bhagat Singh Memorial Publication, Dastak Publication and Pranjal Art Publishers. By refusing any type of financial help or grant from the main five sources viz. government, political parties, corporate families, multinationals and foreign funding agencies, these publications are committed to provide literature, relevant for the current time at a very low price with the resources provided by common man.

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