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Not only books

Its a commitment to live as real human beings
Not only books

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Purpose of Literature

When literature was only a part of entertainment, or a fanciful delight which only diverted people from struggle or made them cry being a melodrama, it had not required any exercise. It was like a delirium needing sympathy from people. But for us, Literature is not a tool for entertainment or a thing of luxury. From our point of view, literature that is pure and honest should have the ability to think deeply, feels for the freedom, have an eye for beauty, is a soul of creativity and should be able to throw light on truth of life to help us activate ourselves and make us restless not sleepy because now sleepiness is a symptom of death only.


Have to swim against stream

Today, the common man is totally puzzled with the all-round attack of capitalist newspapers, magazines, radio, doordarshan and a dozen cable channels. Not only that big and medium capitalists and their friendly bureaucratic government have a strong hold over Newspaper, press, publication industry, electronic media of our country but now big media monsters of imperialist countries have also taken control of a large section of media industry.
Today, to carry new ideas and culture at the door step of every common man for bringing mass social change has not only become compulsory but arduous also. Pro people paper and magazines with their scarce resources and uncompromising nature are fighting for their existence at every step. The quota facility for advertisements and stationery provided by the Government in the name of promotion to small papers and magazines are going to those papers only which are engaged in yellow journalism and blackmailing. Journalists attached to papers that are working for people without compromising are being victimized legally & illegally, both the way, by the Government which always outcry for freedom of speech and making all possible efforts to close those papers.
Imperialist countries having monopoly over the news-world with their news agencies & TV channels are also trying their level best to control/direct our minds. They have already started their victorious campaign for monopoly on news and false cultural publicity. The campaign to bring the whole world under new system of globalization has been started in a organized way by the western publicity agencies and in spite of some internal disputes, ruling class of our country has also associated itself with them. Today we are reading, seeing and listening what these imperialist/capitalist thugs and their system want us to do. Majority of public is confined into the world of ignorance, incomplete information and wrong information. Moreover, their mind is being made dull by the dozes of materialistic, profit oriented autocratic culture of imperialism/capitalism. Today even our children are also suffering from the infectious disease of cultural pollution. In view of this, today it the basic duty and responsibility of all the revolutionary powers and vigilant, progressive, pro-people intellectuals to give the proper and correct information of the situation to public and by taking, public into confidence should weave a strong thread of publication and publicity of pro-people literature and use of different mediums of art – from drama, music to video films. There is a need of clarion call for a totally new, revolutionary renaissance and enlightenment on cultural front through these mediums. Ruling class is using its information system to the fullest to maintain the current system. Now public has to use this information system as a weapon in struggle for change in system. Keeping in view these points, publication division of Rahul Foundation and its associate publication Parikalpana is continuously publishing important literary and political books. Computer division of Rahul Foundation is engaged in helping for printing of all types of pro-people, progressive and revolutionary literature for the last few years. Not only that regular sale centres are operating in Gorakhpur and Lucknow for distribution of literature, posters of poems, stickers, cassettes, but literary exhibitions are also being organized in many cities and towns and schemes for bringing literature at every home are being carried out by its associate institution, Janchetna since last 21 years. Its just a beginning of a very long journey. But formation of revolutionary media of public and a new cultural movement will start from here only. We, not only need your significant cooperation but active participation to complete this task.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Journey that began with

21 years ago some people felt the need for providing books that give a vision to people's dreams and imaginations at the door step of common man. The journey that started by contacting people at home, offices, colleges has now turned into a people's movement. To accomplish the task of providing progressive literature to people with the help of people, today Janchetna activists are moving with books on cycles, trolleys, bags in different cities of North India, organising book exhibitions, providing books in small towns and cities. Now Janchetna is reaching even at the remote places of North India with its mobile exhibition van with the help of common people and well wishers. We are spreading dreams and ideas for better life, creativity and development to every home. It is a novel endeavour in the hindi belt. This project is growing and developing without any salaried staff but with the help of dedicated voluteers, activists of associated institutions only. Janchetna is the chief distributor of book published by Parikalpana Publication, Rahul Foundation, Anurag Trust, Shahid Bhagat Singh Memorial Publication, Dastak Publication and Pranjal Art Publishers. By refusing any type of financial help or grant from the main five sources viz. government, political parties, corporate families, multinationals and foreign funding agencies, these publications are committed to provide literature, relevant for the current time at a very low price with the resources provided by common man.